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Edwin F. Ramos (Partner)


EFREdwin Ramos is a Partner in the Financial Assurance Group of CG&Co. He specialises in financial audit, having been involved in various audit and business advisory engagements over the past two decades. His various assurance engagements include companies engaged in manufacturing, services, trading, learning institutions, real estate, general professional partnerships, water utilities, holding companies, hotels, lending institutions, savings and loan associations, and non-stock non-profit organisations, among others.

Commissioned by the Philippine Court of Tax Appeals to perform independent CPA services, Edwin handled various tax and financial cases for an educational institution, manufacturing companies, a specialized construction firm, a power company, a restaurant chain, and a commercial bank. He also provided internal audit services for a manufacturing operation; sales operation of a beverage company; and promotional products of a pharmaceutical firm.

A CPA and an internationally recognised Certified Internal Auditor, Edwin passed  his comprehensive examination under the graduate program in management accountancy from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is a member of PICPA, IIA-P, and ACPAPP.

Email: eframos@cgco.com.ph