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Inter-corporate Structuring and Tax Planning. Addresses the interrelationships of related companies and designs an efficient structure that can minimize the impact of taxation. Also covers applicability of tax incentives to domestic companies or groups of companies.

Cross-border Structuring. Designs corporate structures of multinational companies, involving forms of business entity and available incentives, all geared towards minimizing, or completely eliminating, tax exposures. This service considers the effect of tax treaties on a particular transaction, weaving them into a seamless structure that is commercially viable and administratively feasible.

Estate Planning. Organizes designs and set up estate plans intended to meet the specific needs of the clients’ estates. The estate planning services include drafting of wills and trusts, codicils and powers of attorney as well as providing assistance in probate administration to ensure efficient asset distribution by the estate. This covers also advisory in the appointment of executors or administrators, issuance of letters testamentary or letters of administration, will allowances and contests.

Tax Opinion and Advisory. Rendering of opinion on unclear tax issues and research of pertinent tax laws and regulations applicable to a client’s particular situation. This covers also advisory on expatriate taxation.

Tax Audit. Seeks to pinpoint particular issues that would most probably arise in the event of an actual Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) examination of the client’s books and financial statements. The aim of the tax audit is to forewarn the client on red flag issues and advise them on preventive steps that can eliminate substantial deficiency tax assessments. A tax audit is issue-based and would most probably result in policy changes on the part of the client, rather than merely correcting a tax detail (e.g., tax rate, timeliness of withholding) which is more properly the subject of a tax compliance review.

Tax Compliance Review. Dwells on the degree of conformity to tax rules and regulations and their administrative provisions. Measures actual tax exposures and recommends ways by which these can be avoided. A tax compliance review quantifies the exact amount of exposure, dealing as it does, with the precise tax treatment of a client’s transaction.

Consultancy and Retainer Services. Retainer services addressing day-to-day tax issues arising in the normal course of business of a client. The service is provided through emails and direct consultations, without need of lengthy written opinions. Advice is dispensed  as expeditiously as possible.

Tax Training & Seminars. We can organize teach-ins on tax issues of particular application to the company’s business, and on general tax matters as well. This is particularly useful in the areas of employee compensation and withholding taxes, as well as VAT incidence to the client’s business.

A Wider Perspective

A wider perspective

In today’s global marketplace, businesses are constantly being challenged to take a wider perspective to ensure their future success. For many of our clients identifying new opportunities and entering new markets are now part of their daily routine – and they look to us for support in facing these challenges.

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