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Tax Advocacy

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Contesting of Assessments. Assistance in all stages of an assessment, from BIR investigation stage to issuance of formal assessment notice. This includes formulation of defenses against the assessment, gathering of documentary support, and acting as client’s counsel before the appropriate BIR office. On the whole, this service aims to protect and safeguard clients’ substantive and procedural rights in the course of an assessment.

Claim for Refunds or Issuance of Tax Credit Certificates. Assistance in Refund/TCC application for unutilized input VAT and excess creditable withholding tax and Duty drawback applications. Applications with the Bureau of Customs on duties paid on importations which are subsequently re-exported.

Requests for Rulings. Assistance in requests for ruling/clarification with the BIR on difficult/doubtful questions of law.

Tax Administration Compliance. Covers various BIR-required registration such as registration of books of accounts; securing TIN and registration as withholding agent; securing Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) on transfers of properties or shares of stock; application for computerized accounting system; application for change of accounting period/method; other mandatory registrations.

A Wider Perspective

A wider perspective

In today’s global marketplace, businesses are constantly being challenged to take a wider perspective to ensure their future success. For many of our clients identifying new opportunities and entering new markets are now part of their daily routine – and they look to us for support in facing these challenges.

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